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Ram Navami
Ram Navami

Rama Navami is one of the Hindu festivals celebrated on the ninth day of Chaitra month and indicates the removal of bad negative powers with the arrival of strong divine sacred power on earth. Lord Ramchandra was born on this day in Ayodhya Palace to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya as the first baby boy child. Lora Rama is the seventh avatar of Hindu God Vishnu. Lord Rama was born during Madhyahan period which is middle of the Day.

In the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, this celebration ritual starts in the early morning devotee offers water to the Lord Sun. According to Hinduism mythology, Lord Rama was born on the middle day of the afternoon, so the special rituals and prayers are performed in the temples at afternoon. Many people keep fast on this sacred day for purification of body and mind. In many places, devotees sing songs and perform dramatic Ramleela performances on the life stories of Lord Rama. Devotee spreads joy by doing chariot parade on the street. They decorate and place Lord Rama, Sita, Hanuman & Lakshaman’s statue in the chariot to showing the Rama Rajya to everyone.

In Ayodhya town, Ram Navami festival is celebrated on a large scale because of Lord Rama’s birthplace. It is located on the bank of ‘Sarayu’ river. As per belief, devotees take a  holy bath in the Sarayu river for the whole purification of body and soul. In Ayodhya town, devotees keep fast for nine days till the Navami. They only take milk, fruits or any root vegetables. People decorate their houses as well as temples and perform pooja’s and Havana’s by reciting Lord Rama mantras or Ramcharitmanas and 'Ramayana'. 

Lord Rama Mantra:

Lord Rama’s mantras can be chant anytime and at any place. Chanting Rama’s mantra is like meditation. Here are the few mantras of Lord Rama to keep Lord Rama close to your soul.


1-    Rama Moola Mantra


                    || Om Shri Ramaya Namah ||


            || ॐ श्री रामाय नमः ||


2-    Mantra


                    || Shri Ram Shri Ram ||



  Chanting this mantra, create the devotion (Bhakti) in the heart.


3-    Mantra


                    || Sri Rama Jayam ||



   Chanting or writing this mantra 108 times daily, bring success in all works.


4-    Rama Meditation Mantra


                         | Om Apadamapahartaram Dataram Sarvasampadam | 
                  || Lokabhiramam Shriramam Bhuyo-Bhuyo Namamyaham ||

              | ॐ आपदामपहर्तारम् दाताराम् सर्वसम्पदाम् |
             || लोकाभिरामम् श्रीरामम् भूयो-भूयो नमाम्यहम् ||


5-    Kodanda Rama Mantra


                            ||  Shri Rama Jaya Rama Kodanda Rama ||

                 || श्री राम जय राम कोदण्ड राम ||



   By chanting this mantra, people can full fill their special wishes.


6-    Rama Taraka Mantra


                             || Shree  Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama ||

                || श्री राम जय राम जय जय राम  ||